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about us

Mission Statement

MindFit Mental Health provides strength-based individual and group mental health counseling services using cutting edge technology to help young people learn and practice skills in self-regulation, mindfulness, and positive thinking.


Vision Statement

MindFit Mental Health is a model for the integration of interactive games and media with mental health care for young people, promoting a more proactive and engaging approach to building resilience and self-efficacy.     

MindFit  Membership

Benefits include: 

  • Unlimited access to MindFit Club & classes

  • Unlimited access to the MindFit Gym during operating hours

  • Discounts on special events 


  • Individual Psychotherapy (in person and virtual)

  • ​Functional Assessment and Behavioral Services

  • ​Mental Health Consultation​ and Training

  • ​Gamer Groups​ and Clubs

  • Wellness activities and classes ( e.g., Mindfulness training for athletes and teams)

*All offered by a team with proven experience in behavioral assessment and analysis, cognitive-behavior therapy, narrative therapy, biofeedback, mindfulness, and other approaches demonstrated effective for young people with anxiety, OCD, ASD, and related disorders.


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